Sort Stage

  Sort Stage Properties:


Sort stage with two key values




Group ids are created in two different ways. 

We can create group id's by using 

a) Key Change Column 

b) Cluster Key change Column 

Both of the options used to create group id's . 

When we select any option and keep true. It will create the Group id's group wise. 

Data will be divided into the groups based on the key column and it will give (1) for 

the first row of every group and (0) for rest of the rows in all groups. 

Key change column and Cluster Key change column used based on the data we are getting 

from the source. 

If the data we are getting is not sorted , then we use key change column to create 

group id's 

If the data we are getting is sorted data, then we use Cluster Key change Column to 

create Group Id's 

Open Sort Stage Properties . 

And Select Key column 

And if you are getting not sorted data . Keep Key Change Column as True 

And Drag and Drop in Output 

Group Id's will be generated as 0's and 1's Group Wise. 

If your data is already Sorted you need to keep cluster Key change Column as True 

( Dont Select Key Change Column ) 

And Same process as above. 


srujan reddy said...

hi,i have an input like this deptid:1,1,2,3,4,3(one column).and i want output like this deptno:2,4.
please any body explain about this.

Chetan said...

Hi Srujan,

1. Load the data into sequencial file.
2. Using aggregate stage, find the count of each deptid.
3. Using filter stage, you can remove the data having count>1